The hutt River Solution

As a band the Hutt River Solution began gigging in the middle of 2006 August 13 to be exact. Since then, their brand of trashy bratty in your face rock n roll has impressed both punters and critics alike. They have been likened to classic punk rock bands such as the Stooges, the Saints, the Victims, the New York Dolls, and in a more modern context the Hives. But they are more than just a band, they are more than just a rock n roll explosion they are more than just a manic musical mauling of your senses. They are a solution! A solution you ask? Yes a solution. Their name comes from back in the seventies when a wheat farmer from a large farm in Hutt River WA decided to form his own country to get around some of the countrys importation laws. Since then Prince Leonard has created a province which has its own money, passport and flag. He was so fed up with the country that he formed his own. That was his solution to a country that forgot how to treat its citizens properly and we respected that stance so much we wanted to form an army to his revolution. We want you to be part of that rock n roll revolution, that rock n roll solution, be part of the Hutt River solution.

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