The Mysterious Mystery of the Miscreants and future inspirations from the fjords of Iceland

The following is an update of the creative work I have been pursuing over the last few months:

I am in the process of creating finished full colour screenprints for the next Miscreants Art Collective group show which will be showcased November 2017 next year.The new show will feature old members, new members and their featured bands and their music. The show will once again feature a tape and zine package.

I have been working on an animated clip for my band Bad Vision featuring folk inspired silhouettes.

I have been working on the script and artwork for my second children’s book based around the adventures of five friends, the Toes. This particular story is based around the life of the little toe, Pinky.

In the month from September 17 to October 13 I will be travelling to Italy and Iceland where i hope to gain much needed inspiration from the blood stained coliseums of Rome to the hot fountain-ed Geysers of Iceland. I hope to especially emerse in the folk lore worlds of the trolls and fairies in the northern lands.


Drawiing for one of the screenprints to be created for the Miscreants group show 2017.

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