The Inaugural Miscreants Exhibition Nov 6. 2015

The Scouts Midnight Woolf Pronto Tankerville Swim Team Thee Cha Cha Chas IMG_4751_1 IMG_4744_1 IMG_4732_1 IMG_4729_1 IMG_4724_1 IMG_4719_1 IMG_4718_1 IMG_4715_1 IMG_4764_1 Miscreants Artists Collective Exhibition
October 30-November 13
Opening November 6
Featured members:

Andrew Lang
Per Bystrom
Mel Grisancich
Brooke Penrose
Jerome Rush
Steve Gavan
Joel Morrison
TJ Day
Carolyn Hawkins
Lauren Rigbye
Lluis Fuzzhound

We are miscreants. We are a group of artists bonded together more through a love of music than anything else. It’s not the shiny well buffed sell or smell kind of music that your everyday normal gets fed through boxes of belief but the underbelly, the dirty, the rusty and the crusty. We watch it, we support it and live off a diet of it in its rawest brutalest and sometimes most graphic form.
We are miscreants. Graphic artists who, like the music we love, are at times graphic in nature. We are the ones who suck on a beer rather than sup on a Shiraz. We see the high-brow, wipe it away and look at it from beneath. We take culture and reflect upon its sub. We don’t take the high road we seep through the alley streets below.
We are miscreants. We look past the shine and see the beauty in the dirty and degenerate. We are not post-modern but we definitely come after something, we don’t have rhyme or reason but we often have a reason for a rhyme, we don’t know any better because we haven’t seen any worse. We are miscreants.

Post script
The exhibition went off with no bumps or bruises and despite the visitation of the local law and the presence of the paramedics, it was an alleyway steeped full of pleasure, pain, passion, and plain. The 11 Miscreants supped upon their creative goon sacks and came up with a technicolour vomit which displayed the inexorable link between the local Melbourne punk music scene and visual art.

As part of the Miscreants Artists Collective opening on Friday Nov 6 at Off the Kerb some of the artist’s bands played for free upstairs at the Tote. Featuring Midnight Woolf, Pronto, Bad Vision, Tankerville, Swim Team, the Scouts and thee Cha Cha Chas, the night was a blur of messy, crazy frantic figures and forms welded together by jagermisters and pints of beer. Hoping to have another Miscreants exhibition in 2016/2017 so stay tuned.

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