Flash and Fete Exhibition No Vacancy Dec 2-Dec 21 Fed Square


Thanks to everyone who came to make the opening of our exhibition such a success! To those who didn’t you still have until the 21st of December to see the work…oh while your there you may want to pop in and have a peak of a little less significant exhibition, ‘Melbourne Now’. I dont know its just a thought?


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Opening on Thursday the 5th December is an exhibition of paintings and screen-prints by Jerome Rush and T.J Day.
Day is a tattoo artist with a love and a passion for 50’s and 60’s design and tattoo “Flash”, designs which stereotypically adorn the walls of tattoo parlors created by an artist on paper or card to show the tattoo shop walk in customer.
Day pulls her work from the cherished shoulder of a mustachioed side show muscleman and pastes them onto designs you may have found in a housewives kitchen circa 1950. The illustrative designs sit happily upon each other like two lost lovers who have reunited their lost union.
Rush is an artist/musician who has been making accessible art of all types for many years now. From puppets to rock and roll bands, from children’s books to graphic novels, from paintings to drawings, from etchings to screen-prints, Rush has had his finger in many pies.
The work he has created for this show draws influence from the collars of 16th Century Queens and, like Day, the sideshow alley games like the Shooting Gallery. Rush uses these symbols as a metaphor for life and makes us ask the question whether “Fate” (Fete) can play a part.
Both of the artists seem to find influence in the works of older comics and of more contemporary graphic novelists like the Hernandez brothers (Love and Rockets) and Charles Burns (Black Hole).
The exhibition will be open from Dec 5 to Dec 21.
Opening Thursday December 5, from 6 to 9pm. No Vacancy Gallery, Project Space, the Atrium Federation Square.
All works will be for sale on the evening.
This exhibition is proudly supported by Sailor Jerry Rum.

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