Direction Reflection My work is a screenprint based exhibition using  mirrors.

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partnervermittlung 40 gold The mirrored pieces are all based around a sense of loss and direction.

best site They all depict objects of transport like motor bikes, cars, trucks helicopters and planes which allow us to escape our present world to one of unpredictability and discomfort. The characters stand lost and unsure of where they are going or where they are headed. They are alone yet surrounded by vehicles which may take them to another place. Or perhaps they have taken them from somewhere. Questions are asked when looking into these images. Where are they going? Where have they been? What are they thinking? What do they want? Yet all the time we are looking at ourselves in our reflection and perhaps questioning ourself.

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dating humor images This feeling of a loss of direction is reiterated by the arrows which shoot out from the mirrors. They are telling us to go somewhere.  But where to? We do not know. These arrows also add to the Pop aesthetic established by the screen printed mirrors, with the strong graphic shapes they create.

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