Jerome Rush is an artist/musician from Melbourne Australia.

He completed his bachelor of Fine Arts at VCA and his Graduate Diploma in Education at Melbourne University. He has exhibited in a number of galleries over the years and been an artist in residence at screen printing studio Red Planet Design Studio. He was an animator for Children’s Television Australia working on the popular cartoon series Li’l Elvis and the Truckstoppers.

He was a cartoonist for the Street Press Newspaper Beat and the Victorian Education Magazine Shine. He has featured in a number of independent publications and magazines and has created two adult graphic novels- Hand Cream 1 and Hand Cream 2 based around the bizarre lives and stories of individuals within a high school. He has also completed a childrens book The Toes based around the lives of toes. He has travelled vastly, creating many colorful illustrated journals.

He conceptualized and created a live Muppet style puppet show Velvet Tongue which performed sellout shows in 1996, 1997 and 1998. Velvet Tongue required the co-ordination of ten puppeteers, musicians, puppet construction, poster art, props, backdrops, set design, production, advertising and script writing.

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